Coach Panda

I’m teaching at RollerCon 2012!

Coach Networking Hour
Thursday 11am - 12pm, Room 114
As a coach do you ever wish that you had someone coaching you through the experiences of training a roller derby league? This seminar is an opportunity to network with other coaches and chat about your experiences. There will be a brief round table discussion followed by time to make connections with other coaches. All levels of coaches (new to experienced) are encouraged to attend this seminar.

Crisis Management Skills on the Bench (co-taught with Razorslut)
Thursday 4pm – 5pm, Room 115
Bench Managers are tasked with the difficult job of managing a team in an often overly chaotic environment. From failed strategy to serious injuries to broken equipment to ejected skaters; Bench Managers have to maintain their composure. Successful bench managers understand how to defuse chaos and maintain a calm and focused environment. Coach Panda and Razorslut share their experiences and expertise in bench management. This seminar is for anyone interested in learning more about crisis management skills for Bench Managers.

RESPECT: Gain & Maintain It (for Coaches) (co-taught with Razorslut)
Friday 5pm – 6pm, Room 115
Having a successful roller derby coaching career begins with having the respect of your skaters. Earning respect requires a coach to be sincere, honest, approachable, and patient. Maintaining respect is a constant work in progress and absolutely necessary to a successful collaboration between a coach and their skaters. Coach Panda and Razorslut share their experiences and suggestions for gaining and maintaining trust as a coach. Coaches, bench managers, and anyone interested in learning more about coaching and respect is encouraged to attend this seminar.

Communication Skills for Coaches
Saturday 2pm – 3pm, Room 114
In the stressful and fast-paced situations that coaches face, their communication skills are constantly put to the test. From facilitating discussions to giving feedback to leading training; coaches need to possess strong communication skills. In this seminar Coach Panda will give an overview of various communication methods and skills. Attendees will have the chance to practice their communication skills by participating in practice sessions with other attendees. This seminar is for anyone in a leadership role that is interested in improving and/or learning more about communication skills.

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