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Back from RollerCon!

I have actually been back for a couple of days now but have been so super non-stop busy that I haven't had a chance to post a quick recap of what went down at RC2011.

    Highlights from this year:

  • Having a ton of international skaters/coaches at my seminars! Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and Canada to name a few.
  • All the amazing Derby Dolls led seminars. Sniperella, Razorslut, and Isabelle Ringer did an amazing job! Each of them has excellent practical information and lots of real life applications of their information.
  • My favorite group outfits, the LADD refs doing "direct ref to you".
  • My scavenger hunt team all collectively chickening out of doing the scavenger hunt (did you see the list of items/photos you need to get?!?!)
  • Dirty Deborah Harry's advanced agility moves class! So Fun! I can't believe that I was able to do 360spins after taking the class.
    Things that I liked about this year:

  • There were classes booked at night during the Black/Blue Ball and the Derby Wedding. I opted out of the social events and instead decided to attend classes. It was super great because you didn't have to wait for tickets and they were smaller, more focused classes.
  • Everything was centrally located in the Riviera, made it really easy to attend seminars, scrimmages, and on skates workshops.
  • Tons of awesome vendors!
  • The ticket system for the on skates workshops. It made it easy to prioritize which classes I wanted to take
    Things that I didn't like about about this year:

  • The seminar rooms were hidden upstairs. I talked to several people that were confused about where the seminar rooms were. Maybe more signs next year that direct people to the upstairs area. Also a sign downstairs that has the daily seminar schedule on it.
  • The seating area for the Denver vs. BAD bout on Saturday night was too packed. I waited for 2 hours to hold my seat for the bout (in a skybox) and I couldn't even see turns 3 or 4. The people sitting in front of me waited for 3 hours.

Overall, this was the most organized RollerCon I have attended. I can't wait for next year!

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