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RollerCon 2012 – Seminar Feedback

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I’m teaching at RollerCon 2012!

Coach Networking Hour
Thursday 11am - 12pm, Room 114
As a coach do you ever wish that you had someone coaching you through the experiences of training a roller derby league? This seminar is an opportunity to network with other coaches and chat about your experiences. There will be a brief round table discussion followed by time to make connections with other coaches. All levels of coaches (new to experienced) are encouraged to attend this seminar.

Crisis Management Skills on the Bench (co-taught with Razorslut)
Thursday 4pm – 5pm, Room 115
Bench Managers are tasked with the difficult job of managing a team in an often overly chaotic environment. From failed strategy to serious injuries to broken equipment to ejected skaters; Bench Managers have to maintain their composure. Successful bench managers understand how to defuse chaos and maintain a calm and focused environment. Coach Panda and Razorslut share their experiences and expertise in bench management. This seminar is for anyone interested in learning more about crisis management skills for Bench Managers.

RESPECT: Gain & Maintain It (for Coaches) (co-taught with Razorslut)
Friday 5pm – 6pm, Room 115
Having a successful roller derby coaching career begins with having the respect of your skaters. Earning respect requires a coach to be sincere, honest, approachable, and patient. Maintaining respect is a constant work in progress and absolutely necessary to a successful collaboration between a coach and their skaters. Coach Panda and Razorslut share their experiences and suggestions for gaining and maintaining trust as a coach. Coaches, bench managers, and anyone interested in learning more about coaching and respect is encouraged to attend this seminar.

Communication Skills for Coaches
Saturday 2pm – 3pm, Room 114
In the stressful and fast-paced situations that coaches face, their communication skills are constantly put to the test. From facilitating discussions to giving feedback to leading training; coaches need to possess strong communication skills. In this seminar Coach Panda will give an overview of various communication methods and skills. Attendees will have the chance to practice their communication skills by participating in practice sessions with other attendees. This seminar is for anyone in a leadership role that is interested in improving and/or learning more about communication skills.

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RollerCon Memories – 2011 Photos

RollerCon 2011

RollerCon 2011

RollerCon 2011

RollerCon 2011

RollerCon 2011

Sorry the photos are crappy, I just had my phone with me during the weekend.

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Back from RollerCon!

I have actually been back for a couple of days now but have been so super non-stop busy that I haven't had a chance to post a quick recap of what went down at RC2011.

    Highlights from this year:

  • Having a ton of international skaters/coaches at my seminars! Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and Canada to name a few.
  • All the amazing Derby Dolls led seminars. Sniperella, Razorslut, and Isabelle Ringer did an amazing job! Each of them has excellent practical information and lots of real life applications of their information.
  • My favorite group outfits, the LADD refs doing "direct ref to you".
  • My scavenger hunt team all collectively chickening out of doing the scavenger hunt (did you see the list of items/photos you need to get?!?!)
  • Dirty Deborah Harry's advanced agility moves class! So Fun! I can't believe that I was able to do 360spins after taking the class.
    Things that I liked about this year:

  • There were classes booked at night during the Black/Blue Ball and the Derby Wedding. I opted out of the social events and instead decided to attend classes. It was super great because you didn't have to wait for tickets and they were smaller, more focused classes.
  • Everything was centrally located in the Riviera, made it really easy to attend seminars, scrimmages, and on skates workshops.
  • Tons of awesome vendors!
  • The ticket system for the on skates workshops. It made it easy to prioritize which classes I wanted to take
    Things that I didn't like about about this year:

  • The seminar rooms were hidden upstairs. I talked to several people that were confused about where the seminar rooms were. Maybe more signs next year that direct people to the upstairs area. Also a sign downstairs that has the daily seminar schedule on it.
  • The seating area for the Denver vs. BAD bout on Saturday night was too packed. I waited for 2 hours to hold my seat for the bout (in a skybox) and I couldn't even see turns 3 or 4. The people sitting in front of me waited for 3 hours.

Overall, this was the most organized RollerCon I have attended. I can't wait for next year!

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I’m Teaching at RollerCon 2011!

Coaching at Tournaments
When: Fri, July 29, 11am – 12pm
Where: room 201
Description: Coaching at Tournaments, Like a Boss (Pandamonium aka Coach Panda) New to tournaments or interested in making the most of your tournament experience? This seminar is focused on beginner and intermediate leagues that want to learn the insider info on how to make your tournament experience a successful one. Topics that will be covered are: effectively managing your time, creating an "oh sh!t kit",and preparing for the unexpected. Coaches, captains, and anyone interested in learning more about tournaments should attend this seminar.

Getting Your Voice Heard for Coaches / Captains
When: Sat, July 30, 11:30am – 1:00pm
Where: room 209
Description: Getting Your Voice Heard; Effective Communication for Coaches & Captains (Pandamonium aka Coach Panda) As a coach or captain, do you ever get frustrated that you can't get your point across to your skaters? Tired of everyone talking over each other at practice? This seminar focuses on tools that will help you communicate better with your skaters. Topics that will be covered: how to establish effective feedback methods, how to better facilitate discussions, and a discussion of growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

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Things to Pack for RollerCon

This is going to be my 4th year of attending RollerCon. I wanted to share some helpful tips of things to remember to pack. There were many years that I had to learn the hard way. Hopefully this will be helpful 🙂

  • Anti-bacterial baby wipes: after skating for hours everyday, you are going to smell awful. Quickly wipe off with these baby wipes before heading out to non-derby activities.
  • Business cards: if you plan on networking, this really helps. You are going to be meeting a ton of awesome people and it's hard to keep random of bits of paper with contact information organized.
  • Put you name on all of your gear and tools: it's super easy to get your stuff mixed up with other skaters before and after scrimmages and workshops
  • Ear plugs and eye shade: mostly likely you are sharing a room with other rollergirls and it's going to be noisy. It's also nice to have these if you want to take a random nap during the day.
  • Extra powercord/outlets: it seems like there are never enough outlets when you are sharing a hotel room with other rollergirls (everyone wants to charge their iPods and cellphones at the same time).
  • A reusable grocery bag: there are going to be a ton of amazing vendors at RollerCon this year, reusable bags are great to stash your new goods in for the travel home.
  • Extra helmet covers: you never know when you might need them but you probably will at some point (the ones I brought last year got used in a bunch of challenge bouts).
  • LOTS OF CHAPSTICK: seriously, the dry heat is awful for your lips.
  • Wide mouth waterbottle with your name on it: hydration is super important while at RollerCon. It's nice to have a wide mouth one so you can fill it with ice.
  • $20 in 1's: this is not for the gentlemen's clubs. You will probably be bumming a ride off of someone with a car or taking a cab ride at some point if you didn't rent a car. Make sure that you can throw in a couple bucks for gas or easily split cab fare with someone.
  • Large zip lock bags: to fill with ice if you get hurt something or get overheated.
  • Healthy snacks: unsalted nuts, fruit leather, squeezable apple sauce, peanut butter with crackers, trail mix,
  • Vitamins, Emergen-C's, or Airborne: it's super easy to get sick at roller derby events. Make sure to be getting your vitamins in
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Vegan/Veggie RollerCon 2011 Guide

*RollerCon 2011 Vegan/Veggie Guide - Downloadable version here*

Located Inside the Riviera

The Riv Buffet
Breakfast: $10.99 Adults
-Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

-Lunch: $12.99 Adults

-Dinner: $16.99 Adults
Monday – Sunday 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.

-Champagne Brunch: $15.99 Adults
Saturday – Sunday 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.

-All Day Buffet Dining: $33.99 Adults
Notes: They have a salad bar and ask for other vegetarian/vegan options available that day

Inside the Riviera Food Court

All places are open:
Monday - Friday 9am - Midnight
Saturday – Sunday 9am - 2am

Quizno's Subs
Notes: They have lots of ways that you can customize a vegetarian sandwich. For vegans, use their ciabatta bread that they use for their Torpedo sandwich (it is the only bread that has been confirmed vegan).

La Salsa Mexican Cantina
Notes: All vegetarian items are noted on their menu, ask about how to make them vegan.

Jade Dragon
Notes: They have a vegetarian section of their menu, ask if they can veganize it.

Walking distance from the Riveria

3001 Las Vegas Blvd
(702) 413-1923
Notes: Open 24 hours. Amy's veggie burger with white sesame seed bun, oatmeal without milk, and hash browns are vegan

2890 Las Vegas Boulevard S
Inside Circus Circus
(702) 836-6761
Notes: Open 24 hours!

1 mile away

Wynn Casino
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
(702) 770-3463
Notes: All Wynn restaurants have vegetarian/vegan menus available. Expensive but they have lots of amazing items. View menus here:

Thai Pepper
2226 Paradise Rd.
(702) 696-9107
Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday 11am – 10pm
Notes: They deliver! Minimum order is $23 with a $3 delivery charge. Pay via credit card over the phone. Wine and beer available. Veggie items are noted on their menu but ask for vegan options

Indian Oven
2218 Paradise Rd
(702) 366-0222
7 days a week
Lunch: 11:30am to 2pm
Dinner: 5pm to 10pm
Vegetarian menu:
Notes: Beer and wine available

1+ Mile Away or Off the Strip

Whole Foods Las Vegas
6689 Las Vegas Blvd.
(702) 589-7711
8am – 10pm
Notes: They have an amazing selection of vegan items in their deli and bakery section. They also sell wine, beer, and liquor.

Ronald's Donuts
4600 Spring Mountain Road
(702) 873-1032
Mon-Fri 4 am - 4 pm
Sat 5 am - 4 pm
Sun 5 am - 2 pm
Notes: amazing vegan donuts!

Veggie Delight
3504 Wynn Road
(702) 310-6565
11am – 9pm
Notes: Vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options

Burger Bar (inside Mandalay Bay)
3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South
(702) 632-9364
Mon-Thu 10:30am-11pm
Fri 10:30am-2am
Sat 10am-2am
Sun 10am-11pm
Notes: They have a vegan burger and shakes!

PF Chang's (On the Strip)
3667 Las Vegas Blvd.
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
(702) 836-0955
Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am - 12 am
Fri-Sat 11 am - 1 am
Notes: Ask servers for vegan options, vegetarian options are noted on the menu. Happy hour from 3-6pm daily. Gluten free menu available

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RollerCon Memories – 2010 Photos

RollerCon 2010

RollerCon 2010

RollerCon 2010
photos by: Jim Cottingham

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RollerCon Memories – 2008 Photos

RollerCon 2008

RollerCon 2008

RollerCon 2008

RollerCon 2008

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RollerCon Memories – 2007 Photos

RollerCon 2007

RollerCon 2007

RollerCon 2007

RollerCon 2007